Application Rates


Foundation Aerobic Compost can be used in all aspects of Tasmanian farming, we have clients ranging from large scale intensive agriculture to small scale hobby farms. Foundation Aerobic Compost can be pre blended with other nutrient to suit your soil conditions. As each individual case can differ dramatically please contact Andrew from Pure Living Soil to discuss application rates & soil requirements on 0438 359 981.

Home Gardening

Foundation Aerobic Compost is available to the home gardener in 25 litre bags branded as ‘Gardeners Friend Organic Compost’, look out for it next time you’re buying your garden products. Foundation Aerobic Compost is also available in trailer loads from several nurseries and landscape suppliers around the state, please contact Pure Living Soil to find your nearest location. Below are some basic application rates for use around the home:

New Vegetable and Garden Beds In preparation for planting, blend Foundation Aerobic Compost at a rate of 50% with your existing soil.

Lawns Use Foundation Aerobic Compost as a top dressing for your established lawns. Spread compost evenly over the lawn and water in. (only a thin layer of compost should be visible, a 25 litre bag should fertilise approximately 8 square metres)

Established Vegetable and Garden Beds To give your plants plenty of nutrients, simply incorporate approximately 3cm of compost into the top 6cm of your existing bed. (continue to water in the usual manner)

Fruit Trees Scratch the soil surface at the base of the tree and apply compost liberally, avoid excess coverage of the trunk. (continue to water in the usual manner)

Potted Plants Ad extra nutrient to your potting mix by blending 25% Foundation Aerobic Compost with 75% Potting Mix. (for established pots simply top dress with compost)

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